Welcome to SANE -Kenya


SANE-KENYA as the acronym suggests endeavors to bring sanity into the society that for a long time has been bedeviled by all forms of exclusions such as sexism, racism, tribalism, nepotism, and other kinds of discrimination along religious, age, employment, political and socio-economic lines. The values of tolerance, cooperation, and respect are better instilled from very early age and this explains why the youth are our target group. We would like to see a Kenya where no one is excluded from any service or rights due to them. The only boundaries that we should have are geographical.

Mission: SANE-KENYA endeavors to promote inclusion of all in the areas of socio-cultural participation, governance, economic participation and other forms of human relations among the youth of Kenya from different social, religious, political and gender, through advocacy, human rights sensitization and performance of activities that unveil the beauty of our diversity.

Vision: SANE-KENYA will be an internationally recognized youth-lead organization by consistently, passionately and widely promoting equality and national cohesion.

Slogan:  “As different as the fingers yet one as the hand”.